Natural Approach to Pediatric Therapy -- Baby Bodywork

For newborns, babies and children, The Gillespie Approach of Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) supports improved health by stimulating the body's self-correcting mechanism. This is done by working with the body's wisdom to loosen tight tissue (fascia). As the body's tissue self-corrects, it opens the opportunity for enhancing nervous system function (spinal cord and brain), and assisting optimal growth of physical, cognitive and emotional abilities.

The core philosophy of CFT: "Soft tissue strain causing disease is fresh thinking
that may question ingrained conventional wisdom, challenge widespread medical
assumptions, and confront entrenched vested interests. Craniosacral fascial
strain can result from prolonged sustained pressure in an uncomfortable
fetal position, a tight uterus compressing the growing fetus, a fibroma(s)
challenging fetal growth, multiple births in a confined space, a wrapped
umbilical cord, a long and/or difficult labor, shoulder dystocia, and the use
of forceps or vacuum suction. . . . craniosacral fascial therapy and
infant driven movement (CFT/IDM) can help to release the strain to normalize
the function of the craniosacral fascial system." -- Dr. Barry Gillespie, founder, CFT

How do we know there is tightness? You know your baby -- you can see it in
your baby's body. As well, tightness shows up through symptoms of:

Constipation / Fussiness / Colic / Reflux
Lip Tie / Tongue Tie / Nursing Issues
Difficult Birth / Long Labor

Sleeping Issues / Torticollis
Cannot lie on back / Arching
Constant Scream in car seat
Asthma / Earache / Headache

Home visits are available for infants four weeks and under with travel fee. Office
sessions are available for babies and children.

Free Baby Day events on second Fridays provide parents and parents-to-be
an opportunity to learn more and experience this therapy. Visit the Calendar to see
dates/times/more info about this free event.

Ready to schedule? Questions? Use the Contact Form or call 407-339-4050 to speak with Georgiana directly.

Georgiana Johnson has been enhancing lives with Energy Medicine for more than twenty-two years. She offers therapies to assist babies, children, adults and animals. She specializes in energy and fascial therapy which stimulates a person's self-correcting mechanism and supports a return to balance. Peace and comfort often accompany the physcial body in feeling better.

As an active teacher, Georgiana offers classes in Reiki throughout the year for adults and children. Reiki is a simple practice of hands-on healing -- a perfect complement for families to support one another through Life's adventures.

Pediatric Training: August 2012: Montana: Completed adult and children CFT training with Barry Gillespie, founder of The Gillespie Approach - craniosacral fascial therapy. October 2015: Bird-in-Hand, PA: Completed infant and toddler craniosacral fascial training with Kristen and Mike Myers. November 2015: Orlando, FL : Certified Craniosacral Therapist with Matt Howe of Touch Education.

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Antonio (picture above after a session) has received
several craniosacral fascial therapy (CFT) sessions since birth. His neck and head were visibly stiff and tight after birth.
CFT facilitated more movement and better energy flow.
We've also experienced improved sleeping patterns and
regular bowel movements. We feel CFT has helped him
let go of tension in his body and facilitate healing in
his body/mind/soul. He's a happy baby!!
Thanks Georgiana for your loving healing touch!
-- Alejandra, of MotherNaturAle