Animal Reiki - Reiki is a Japanese energy practice which can bring about many positive changes. For more information about Reiki, including Reiki for humans, visit this Reiki page. Reiki can be shared with CATS, DOGS, BIRDS, WATER
creatures, REPTILES, HORSES, FARM animals and OTHER creatures, including WILD animals.

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Reiki & Massage
Possible Benefits
Accelerates healing from surgery, injury, illness
Relieves discomfort and pain from injuries, surgery
Improves sleep and energy
Eases discomfort of disease, arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation
Comforts elderly and dying animals
Supports immune system
Eases depression or bereavement
Relieves muscular aches, pains, strains, skin or coat problems
Reduces anxiety, stress or nervousness
Calms overly excited behavior, eases distrust and emotional trauma
Reduces or eliminates allergies, supports recovery from idiopathic conditions
Eases discomfort from conventional therapy side effects

Animal Reiki Classes
Taking Animal Reiki is an excellent choice for people with animals, those who just love animals, shelter volunteers, and anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of Reiki.
Classes are held in Clermont, Florida, and current class schedule is here: CALENDAR

comments from students in Animal Reiki classes
"The most positive experience I had was working with and seeing the responses

of the horses." --Linda

"It was an incredible experience. I feel very honored to have been a part of this."

"An excellent transition from Reiki on humans to Reiki on animals. --Alison

Private Sessions
Are you interested in an Animal Reiki session for your animal? Georgiana travels
Orlando Metro. Distance sessions also available.

NOTE: If you have a medical concern for your animal, please contact your vet
for evaluation and treatment. Reiki can be offered as a complement to the
treatment recommended by the vet.

For more info, contact Georgiana at

Dobi is a very excitable Miniature Pinscher. He's friendly, loud and very sweet. He has a flea allergy, and in the last few days has been barking at every noise and itching a lot. Dobi made friends with me quickly, then began barking at his person, trying to tell her something. It seemed to me he was saying, "let's do this!" His person got a blanket, which he likes to cuddle in and he settled down. He was very receptive, and licked my hands often. He seemed to relax more and more and at one point kissed me on the nose. Initially, he was barking at every noise coming from an overhead apartment, but after a while he stopped barking at the noises. A few days after the session, his person told me "He seemed more relaxed in general. and some great naps! He was really conked out and dreaming. I can tell when he dreams because he twitches and his paws move, as if he's running -- it's pretty cute. He's also barking less at nosies.

Lucky loves Reiki. A horse at Freedom Ride, Lucky's first experience with Reiki consisted of a 30 minute "nap" during which he stood very still near his stall door with his head lowered. Since then, he comes immediately to the stall door when he hears my voice, and stands with his head over the door so I can touch him as I share Reiki. He usually starts yawning and seems very content to stay with me until we are complete. Many horses like to graze while receiving Reiki, but Lucky wants a hands on, complete attention Reiki session.

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