Reiki and Pregnancy
Gentle and effective for pregnant women, babies, before and after birth
Good for the non-pregnant spouse or partner, too!

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation practice which provides many potential benefits during and after pregnancy. It is a complement to customary care, is non-intrusive, safe and convenient since anyone can learn to do it for themselves. Class info is on the Calendar page.

Possible Benefits
A staff member at Hartford Hospital says (10-11-11) that no studies have been done on Reiki and Pregnancy. Instead, outcomes have been done and results can be viewed here. She did say that the hospital does share Reiki with pregant women and when the women are stressed, connected to a fetal monitor and receive Reiki, the fetal monitor shows the calming of the baby. Hartford Hospital has been sharing Reiki with patients and employees since 1998.

While no studies with Reiki and pregnancy have been done**, it is possible that Reiki can reduce pain, nausea, morning sickness, aches and pains, stress, releasing fears,
balancing hormones, increasing fertility, reducing postpartum depression, easing labor, and comforting mother and child.

After birth, Reiki may bring about changes like: soothing newborns or babies who are teething or have colic, assisting in easing the baby to comfortable sleep, and deepening the connection between mother and child.

Please note: Reiki is a complement to customary care. Responsible medical care is a must! Consult your health care provider if you are or believe you are pregnant, and with any medical concerns you may have.

Testimonials and Responses to Reiki and Reiki Classes

For an introduction to Reiki, please read the article Reiki.
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Ready to experience Reiki? There are three main ways: experience a session from a practitioner, attend a Reiki Share (sessions at a Reiki Share may be shorter - from 10-20 minutes depending on the number of people present), take a class and learn this self-care method for yourself.

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